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                      WHO, ME?


© Copyright 1918

by  Ellen Golub


I earned a Ph.D. in English and Psychoanalysis at SUNY Buffalo, writing a dissertation on food and mothering-- what a psychoanalyst would call orality-- in the Bible and American Jewish writers. I then joined the English and Judaic Studies faculties at the University of Pennsylvania, where I introduced the first courses in American-Jewish literature, and wrote academic articles in my field.

When I began raising a family, I switched gears. I didn't have the time for heavy duty academics. But I thought of myself much like a studio musician. I arrive, open my toolbox, and, write for whatever is the task at hand. I became a newspaper columnist, a voice for Jewish community institutions, a journalism professor, and a writing coach. Also, ghostwriter(Shhh!). Pen for Hire.

One lovely spring night on vacation in Paris, moved by an inspirational bottle of Merlot, I began writing fiction. My first published novel is Psychosemitic (Gaon Books). I resurrected two characters from Sholem Aleichem and placed them in the world of 21st century Jewish America. Because they were always unhappy, I gave them Prozac. 

People reading Psychosemitic laughed out loud. They claimed my book talks and lectures were like stand-up comedy routines. Mistakenly, I believed myself to be Herr Doctor Freud. Belatedly, I discovered my true identity as a humorous fiction writer in the tradition of Mark Twain and Sholem Aleichem (though I continue to administer psychotropic drugs in novels and short stories).

Writing fiction has become my ultimate diversion. I quit my day job and am now professor emerita at Salem State University and a research associate at the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute. I write from Newton Massachusetts, where I live with my first husband, Steve Sass, surrounded by our four imperfect children, three tolerant children-in-law, and seven pluperfect grandchildren.

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"Golub? She's just the most neglected

major writer since Ramona Shapiro."